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Indoor or outdoor advertising board, kt board and snow board which good?


Snow board and placa do KT both are widely used in the advertising industry, and because of its natural attributes brought more perfect practicality. Both welding and ink printing can be processed. Now many cities have opened subway lines, and naturally there is no lack of advertising. This material is more fully utilized and brings better advertising effect.
However, the price, material and weight of the two plates are significantly different by several times.

In essence, KT board (paper foam board) is the internal foam, PVC veneer outside the board, the weight is very light, the price is cheap. Because the heart is too soft (foam on a flat) is not suitable for making complex model buildings, of course, with more careful or can be done, but the effect is not as good as Placa de espuma de PVC effect. PVC foam board is also called snow board, using PVC as the inner foam, outside is also PVC veneer, due to the density of large weight than KT board to weight 3-4 times, of course, the price is 3-4 times more expensive, this hardness is higher, better PVC foam board is pinched with fingers, using this to make model building is more appropriate. KT board is soft, can’t board printed directly on the screen, must submit written or prints, snow, plate printing picture color fade for a long time, apply to the enterprise culture wall, advertising products, such as panel should be high class, pictorial cover KT board easy fade over time, if the customer need advertising time is short, don’t need high grade, you can choose the KT board advertising. Snow board can be directly on the board UV printing, printing out the picture color bright, good snow board, high grade, snow board can be compared with wood, and can be sawn, planing, nail, can stick, but also has no deformation and cracking without painting (a variety of colors) and other special functions.

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